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Fraud Watch PLUS


All of the debit cards issued by Carmine State Bank are protected by FraudWatch PLUS.

Please ensure Carmine State Bank has your current phone numbers on file so you can be reached by FRAUD PREVENTION SERVICES in the event of a suspicious activity on your debit card. To update your phone numbers, please contact or visit Carmine State Bank.  

TRAVEL NOTIFICATION ~ If you will be traveling internationally or outside of the state, please contact Carmine State Bank. We will make sure your card works without interruptions during your travel.


Reporting A Lost or Stolen Card

If your debit card is lost, stolen or you suspect unauthorized use, please notify us immediately at:

During Bank Hours: Call the Bank at (979) 278-3244 or (800) 720-1441.

After Bank Hours: Call the After-Hours Lost & Stolen Card Line at (888) 263-3370.

Note: For more information or to apply for a Carmine State Bank Visa (Debit) Check Card please contact the bank. Certain restrictions and fees apply. Please contact the bank for full disclosures.


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To Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card after hours, call: 888-263-3370

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